A World of Opportunities

Turning possibilities into opportunities.


We support countries communicating their strengths and opportunities to international audiences. We work with investment agencies, embassies and the private sector.

Interactive Business

We build customisable solutions for business associations to manage and engage with their members and let them interact meaningfully and efficiently around the globe.

Virtual Incubators &

We build virtual incubators and support organisations fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, e.g. accelerators and educational institutions. We understand national innovation systems and their value chains from ideation and research to commercialisation and exit.

Deal Making &

We help to bring opportunities to reality by sourcing the right kind of capital. We support domestic and cross-border deals, facilitating deals across borders between businesses, and facilitate trade, and investments, market entry and other ventures.


All our online platforms are customizable white-label solutions. They can be easily integrated into existing websites or are stand-alone projects. Gateways can be upgraded to Deal-Rooms.

Public Gateways

For Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Governments, intergovernmental associations, investment agencies, etc.

  • Global visibility of company and individual profiles and opportunities.
  • Promotion of regions and countries and community building
  • Connectivity across organizations and institutions through linked gateways.
  • Editorial and web-agency services
  • Enquire about the Odo Partner Program.

Private Deal Rooms

For private business-clubs, groups of private investors, and any kind of deal-makers.

  • Discrete private opportunities
  • Deal-making functionalities on private Dashboards
  • Facilitates membership business model for the deal-room owner
  • Optional: by invitation only and access to a network of trusted Odo partners
  • Enquire about the Odo Partner Program.

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